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The Importance of Creating a Cyber-Safe Business and Workplace

As doing business online continues to grow, there is a wide range of information and resources available for business owners via the government, software programs and industry groups. Business.gov.au have developed a digital transformation guide to understand the benefits of going digital and what that means for small business.

In today’s day and age, it is crucial to create a cyber-safe business and workplace. Whether a sole trader or a business with employees, spending time educating yourself and your employees on cyber-security can help protect your business and minimise the risk and impact of a cyber-attack.

While there will never be a 100% guaranteed solution to keep your workplace cyber safe, there are ways to reduce your risk online. Here are 3 cyber-safe tips for your business and workplace including:

  • Have anti-malware software installed and updated on all devices
  • Avoid suspicious websites
  • Use strong and different passwords for all software and apps

Have anti-malware software installed and updated on all devices

Without effective cyber security you are putting your business at risk. Cyber-crimes such as viruses or malicious software and the collecting and sharing of personal data, are ongoing issues a business should be protected against. It is essential that all devices, including laptops, desktop computers and tablets, have anti-virus software installed and a schedule in place to have this software regularly updated.

Avoid suspicious websites

Avoid browsing websites that appear suspicious or not secure. How do you know a website is secure? No matter the browser you are using, look for a green icon in the address bar to know the website is secure. Also ensure the website address starts with https, the s indicates the website is safe and secure.

Use strong and different passwords for all software and apps

While using your pets name as your go to password for all software and apps may seem a clever idea, it is not always cyber safe. Use strong passwords which include a combination of upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols. Don’t write your password down or share with others. Use different passwords on each software or app, this minimises the risk of what hackers can access if they were to crack your password.

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